Avoid Getting your Lash Extensions wet for 24 hours after a Full Set or Fill. This includes: a long shower/bath, sauna/workout, being outside while it's raining or snowing. This is a crucial step to help the adhesive to work it's very best.

Never put any oil based products on the lash line or on the Extensions. This includes: oil based makeup removers, gel eyeliner, facial cleanser, moisturizer/eye products, and Mascara. Mascara/eyeliner is fine on the bottom lashes/lash line.

To remove eye makeup, use the Extension cleanser provided to you by Lash Out.  Remove eyeshadow on the eyelid with a q-tip, making sure you don't use the q-tip right on the lash line. Fibers from the q-tip can snag on and get caught in the Extensions. Use the yellow microtip sponge provided to you by Lash Out with the Extension cleanser to remove any product along the lash line.

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It's a great idea to keep eyedrops on hand to keep your eyes hydrated.  You can use them as frequently as you need.


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