Lashes and Brows

All eyelash extension supplies used at Lash Out are faux mink 

Already have Lash Extensions done? Don't sweat it!

Lash Out is the ONLY place in town that fills other Salon/Lash Techs work.


Classic Full Set $140 +tax  2 hours 30 min

One Extension per Natural Lash. This is a great place to start if you've never had Extensions before. 

2  Week Classic Fill $45 + tax 1 hour 15 min

3 Week Classic  Fill $55 + tax  1 hour 30 min 

Hybrid Full  Set $165 + tax  2 hours 45 min 

A combination of Classic and  Volume Lashes. A step up from the Classic Full Set. Great for anyone who wants a little more oomph or, anyone who has sparse natural lashes


2 Week Hybrid Fill $55 + tax 1 hour 30 min

3 Week Hybrid Fill $65 + tax  1 hour 45 min

Volume Full Set $200 + tax  3 hours

5-14 extensions per Natural Lash. Light and fluffy with max Va Va Volume. 

2 Week Volume Fill $60 + tax 2 hours

3 Week Volume Fill $70  + tax  2 hours 30 min

Lash Removal $20 + tax  30 min

A professional gel dissolves the adhesive. The extensions come off easily and keep the natural lashes from being damaged.

Lash Perm plus Keratin $80 + tax 45 Min

 Professional Lash Lifting products are applied. SUPER customizable with 5 different rod sizes to choose from. NOT IDEAL for anyone with short natural Lashes. Results last approx 3-4 months.

Lash Perm/Keratin/Tint $100 + tax 1 hour

Lash Tint is a great way to take your perm results to the next level. Results last approx 3-4 months.

Lash Tint $20 + tax 30 min

Existing natural lashes are colored dark brown/black. You get smudge, sweat, and water proof results. Results last approx 30 days.

Brow Tint $20 + tax 30 min

Existing natural brow hair is given more definition. Results last approx 30 days.


 Brow Henna $25 + tax 30 min

A great way to tint existing brow hair, and fill in bald spots in the Brows. You'll get a more defined shape. Results last approx 1 month.









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